HeartLyss #323 – April Featured Skater

This month’s featured skater is HeartLyss, whose years of experience playing roller derby make every defensive wall stronger when she hits the track! Here she details her road to derby and what it means to her:


At the time I started Derby I was looking for a way to step up my workout after my heart surgery. I had hit a plateau and needed more. One day in October while taking my girls to school, the local roller derby team was on the morning radio show promoting there Halloween fund raising party. It definitely caught my attention because I hadn’t played teamed sports in years. I took note of the details and decided I would jump out of my introverted comfort zone and see what it was all about. Best decision I could have made. Playing roller derby completed a part of me I hadn’t even known I needed. 
 I have been playing derby for 9 years and the hardest part of passing min skills is the same problem I have today, the dreaded 27/5, which when I started was actually 25/5 so now the attempt is even tougher. But the worst part of derby are the injuries. Not being able to play when you get hurt and having to take the time out for recovery takes its toll. I am 36 and not getting any younger. When your heart and soul doesn’t get to do what it wants it becomes a miserable road. I plan to take the ride until the wheels fall off and when that happens then I will switch to the stationary stuff…like coaching and NSO. From the time I stepped onto the track at my first bout I knew it was meant for me. Roller derby will always be a part of me. It can never be taken away.