Joy Z Devil #132- June Featured Skater

This fresh meat skater has made some GREAT strides over the past few months. We can’t wait to take the track with this skater who is always making us laugh! Check out our June Featured Skater  – Joy Z Devil! 
What made you start derby?
I had always been interested, but life got in the way. After moving, I drove past the Kendall Park rink every day to/from work and finally decided to go for it.
What was the hardest part of passing your min skills test?

Remembering to lift my legs when jumping cones! Definitely needed more practice.


What was your first bout like?
TBD. But I’m sure there will be a lot of anxiety.
How long have you been playing derby?
About 9 months
What is your favorite part about derby?
The sense of accomplishment, feeling myself improve, and getting to be part of a community of amazing people.
What is your least favorite part?
Getting in my own head.
What is your derby goal for the next year?
To further my instincts /reflexes. There is so much thought involved in derby from timing and positioning to actual strategy, and there is no time to stop and think. It will be nice when some of that is on auto-pilot!
What do you do for a living?
I’m a data analyst/programmer.
How old are you?
I will be #dirty30 this June!
 What are your interests outside of derby?
Music, dancing poorly but enthusiastically, jelly beans, board games, glitter, petting all the cats