Raven Rage #63- August Featured Skater

August is heating up with this month’s featured skater!
Raven Rage is full of power on and off the track!


What made you start derby?

A guy who I was playing roller hockey with was a roller derby referee. He said to me hey if you like playing roller hockey I have a sport I think you’re going to like and threw me a couple of free tickets to my first roller derby game.  Went to the game and was immediately IN LOVE!!!  I said OMG if I can play roller hockey with the guys playing derby with the girls is going to be a piece of cake!!!!


What was the hardest part of passing your min skills test?

When I first started derby it was doing the 25 laps in 5 minutes or less.  Once I got that down I challenged myself each practice to do it faster and faster. 


What was your first bout like?

My roller derby debut was absolutely THRILLING!  We had a packed house of family, friends, fans, photographers, and press.  When the announcer introduced me I skated out with theatrical Raven make-up and huge black Raven wings it was pretty impressive.  Once I made my first hit and sent a skater flying into the audience I knew I was born to play roller derby!


How long have you been playing derby?

2017 is my 10th season.


What is your favorite part about derby?

Love the physical contact in the game


What is your least favorite part?

Having to explain bruises to friends and co-workers.


What is your derby goal for the next year?

Mastering some of the new techniques I see the WFTDA division 1 teams doing


What do you do for a living?

I’m a Project Manager working in the e-commerce industry


How old are you?

Old enough to enjoy adult beverages and young enough not to collect social security yet!


 What are your interests outside of derby?

I have tons of varied interests outside of derby… I play Ice Hockey & Roller Hockey, I love riding my Kawasaki Ninja sport bike, I enjoy working out at the gym, watching NASCAR,  going to the Jersey Shore and NYC.  You’re likely to find me at on the boardwalk, at The Starland Ballroom, The Stony Pony,  The Saint, Wonderbar anywhere there’s good live metal bands – my favorite radio stations are Octane, Ozzy’s Bone Yard, Hair Nation, and Turbo!!!    On the softer side I enjoy yoga, ballet, classical music, museums, and reading.