Benefits of Off-Skates Training & Proper Nutrition

    It is no secret that roller derby is a unique sport and with that comes unique training. In addition to hours of practice per week, special clinics and training camps, the work does not stop there.

    Off skates training and proper nutrition are vital to stepping up your derby game. There are several benefits to stepping out of those skates and lacing up some sneakers.

A regular training schedule of at least 3 days per week can help improve balance and increase core strength. Effective hits, a strong derby stance, powerful stopping and holding opponents back require a lot of strength that can all be built up with an off skates training program. Increasing strength off the track also helps increase confidence ON the track.

 -Better balance
– Core strength
– Strength for hits, derby stance, stopping and holding
– Confidence
Proper nutrition has many benefits overall and can also help sharpen those skating skills. Food is delicious, but it’s good to keep in mind that it is FUEL for your body. The right fuel will give you more energy and increase your speed and agility. As with training, faster, quicker, less sluggish feet on the track can also give you a great boost of confidence as well.
– More energy
– Faster
– More agile
– Confidence
3 quick tips to get you started:
1. Drink more water!
2. At home workouts can be just as effective as going to the gym.
3. A lot of junk food is disguised as “healthy” food. Chemicals make you sluggish – learn about ingredients and start checking your labels!