February’s Featured Skater

DJRD would like to extend a HUGE welcome to February’s featured skater of a month, Thiza Glory #262. Thiza is a veteran skater, but new to the DJRD team, and we love having her. We are excited to bout with her and together learn new skills to take some names!

What made you start derby?
I was at a time in my life I needed a change and something to occupy extra time. I saw the movie Whip It and immediately searched online for a team and have been skating ever since.

What was the hardest part of passing your min skills test?
First time I ever took it I was terrified of making my laps (back when it was 25/5) and doing transitions. Now I’m still not a fan of laps (27/5) but it’s all about pacing.

What was your first bout like?
Exhilarating and terrifying. My truck popped out of my plate and rotated 95° twice during the first half. We lost pretty bad but I felt on top of the world from having made it through.

How long have you been playing derby?
Since 2010

What is your favorite part about derby?
The feeling I get when stepping on the track for a game is pretty amazing and I can’t get enough of it. Also, the derby community is so great and I love being able to meet skaters from all over.

What is your least favorite part?
Derby injuries.

What is your derby goal for the next year?
To better my skill,s and help DJRD become a force to be reckoned with.

What do you do for a living?
I’m a veterinary technician

How old are you?

What are your interests outside of derby?
I love karaoke, video games, board games, and jigsaw puzzles!