Terror Eyez #8347

Happy New Year! Our first featured skater of 2016 is Terror Eyez, #8347. Terror is a newer skater, but there is nothing novice about her sneaky moves on the track. Maybe she can examine your eyes while you’re flattened on the track!


What made you start derby?

I never heard of roller derby until my husband took me to watch a bout. I loved it and really needed a hobby.


What was the hardest part of passing your min skills test?

Transitions…enough said!


What was your first bout like?

I was terrified. I was shaky and couldn’t eat all day.  In the end, I had one of my most amazing times of my life.


How long have you been playing derby?

Just under a year.


What is your favorite part about derby?
All of it – the friends you make, even nasty bruises & blisters after a sweaty workout.


What is your least favorite part?

I really can’t think of anything!


What is your derby goal for the next year?

Continue to build my skills and push harder.  To be a good team player on & off the track. I want to get lower and skate faster.


What do you do for a living?

I am a Licensed Optician.


How old are you?



 What are interests outside of derby?

Watching movies with my husband & kids & going out for coffee.

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