Terror Eyez #8347

Happy New Year! Our first featured skater of 2016 is Terror Eyez, #8347. Terror is a newer skater, but there is nothing novice about her sneaky moves on the track. Maybe she can examine your eyes while you’re flattened on the track!   What made you start derby? I never heard of roller derby until my husband took me to watch a bout. I loved it and really needed a…

January 10, 2016

Are YOU ready to DERBY?!

EXTRA-EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! DJRD RECRUITS THOSE WHO WANT TO HIT! Did you used to frequent the roller rink as a kid? Are you always looking for a new sport to try? Are you looking for a fun way to get in better shape? Do you sometimes just want to hit someone? Did you see “Whip It,” and you’re extremely curious as to what that was/is? (Hey, it happens.)…

December 30, 2015

Roller Derby is for Everyone!

Roller Derby is for Everyone! We all have excuses not to do things that are new or difficult, but roller derby shouldn’t be one of the things you avoid. Here are some excuses (in no particular order) and why they shouldn’t stop you: I’m too old. Nope –  folks of all ages play and there are a significant number of folks in the 40-60 yr age group actively playing derby….

December 27, 2015

Pink Jammerade #320

Hello again! Every month we will be highlighting one of our players. This month, it’s Pink, #320. Pink is a dedicated player whose least favorite part about derby is wanting to play MORE! Read on to find out more!! What made you start derby? I’d never seen roller derby before except on tv. A friend on my dodgeball team said his wife played and was always looking for new players….

November 25, 2015