Jacked Up #21- September’s Featured Skater


We’re starting off the fall with this month’s featured skater, Jacked Up.
Sneaky fast and with footwork so fancy she’s broken TWO pairs of skates, Jacked Up is not a skater you want to mess with!

What made you start derby?

I always wanted to try derby when I was younger but never had the time or opportunity. I kept seeing this group of kick ass chicks practicing every Thursday and Friday; when the boot camp came up I knew I had to give it a shot.

What was the hardest part of passing your minimum skills test?

The hardest part of passing my minimal skills test, 27/5. I never realized how many laps or the time when I’m skating at a session!

What was your first bout like?

My first bout was filled with adrenaline! It was an amazing experience I’m grateful for.

How long have you been playing derby?

I have been practicing derby since the boot camp in January.

What is your favorite part of derby?

My favorite part of derby is being a part of this amazing team and being able to do what I love (skating) with them.

What is your least favorite part?

My least favorite part is only practicing twice a week and not having more games a season.

What is your derby goal for the next year?

My derby goal for next season is scoring more points and learning more about derby.

What do you do for a living?

I coach skating for Live Love Skate Academy for a living.

How old are you?

I will be 24 this September.

What are your interests outside of derby?
My interests outside of derby are more skating, coaching and also skating for myself. My family and I travel to skate and put together a skating event every September. I also enjoy going to concerts, motorcycle rides with my father and also photography.


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