Roller Derby is for Everyone!

Roller Derby is for Everyone!

We all have excuses not to do things that are new or difficult, but roller derby shouldn’t be one of the things you avoid. Here are some excuses (in no particular order) and why they shouldn’t stop you:

  1. I’m too old. Nope –  folks of all ages play and there are a significant number of folks in the 40-60 yr age group actively playing derby.
  2. I don’t have time. Nope – make time for an activity that is good for you – mind and body. Folks often say derby saved their life, let it make yours that much better. If you truly don’t have time to come to most practices, join us as a ref or an nso – we’d love to have you.
  3. I’m out of shape. Nope – a year ago I could only do 1 knee tap on my right knee, and none on my left. I can do over 100 now if I decided to. Use derby to inspire you to get in shape.
  4. I don’t make enough progress. Nope – the important thing is to come and work on something every practice. Compare yourself to yourself 6 months ago, not to other folks. The coaches will help you set goals, and they’ll do their best to help you accomplish them. Some folks get through minimum skills the first try, others take a couple years. Do your best and it’s all good.
  5. I’ve never skated. Nope – we’ll teach you!
  6. I’m scared. Nope – believe me when I say I understand. I’m so scared I spent months showing up to practice without my skates … I did knee taps and squats and other things instead. It’s ok to go slow, it’s a personal journey and the team will support you if you do your part – show up to practice and try!
  7. I’m too large/small/whatever. Nope – derby is an amazingly inclusive sport. My teammates love the size of my butt (they’ve told me so several times now!) and can’t wait for me to get out on the track so that they can make good use of my size. There are advantages to whatever size you are – larger girls often have power and agility one wouldn’t expect. Think of being the girl who looks like the wind would blow her over but is strong enough to push those walls of bigger girls!
  8. I’m afraid of hitting or being hit. Nope – you might find that you love it, and if you truly hate it, become a team ref!
  9. I don’t like skating. Nope – derby teams need non skaters as well, lots of them in fact. Come support us and help us by being a non-skating official!
  10. I don’t have enough confidence. Nope – being involved in derby has the amazing side effect of increasing your self-confidence. You’ll find out things about yourself you would never expect. For me, I’ve discovered that I have a real love of giving and receiving a good hit, and that I can push my entire team around the track!

Derby is a team sport, with all the benefits of a team. We all have each other’s back. We cheer each other on and celebrate the small and large victories. I’ve known these ladies for about a year now and I’m proud that what they see in me is strength and determination. I’m proud to be doing something that scares the crap out of me, and I’m proud that I’m stubborn enough to keep coming back week after week.

Come fall in love with derby like the rest of us! Let us be part of you doing something that might seem impossible!       –Shove

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